Feathers 3 inch Terra Cotta Planter
Feathers 3 inch Terra Cotta Planter

Feathers 3 inch Terra Cotta Planter

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This planter features natural feather-like brush strokes to compliment your favorite succulent. The diameter of this pot is 3 inches wide.

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Size suggestions:

6 inch - For young plants like a new ZZ, flowers like a Gerber daisy and any vining plants

5 inch - Perfect for large succulents, succulent bundles and small to medium leafy plants

4 inch - A great home for plant propagations, medium succulents and small flowers

3 inch - The most perfect size for a small succulent to thrive.

2 inch - For cute and precious little succulents and plant cuttings.

Each planter is hand painted with love, which means every planter will be unique. Your planter may not be a perfect twin to the photo, but it will be just as lovely and one of a kind.